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Glitch2 - Assorted Presets

Welcome to Soundgasm Design

Soundgasm Design creates quality, affordable products that can help make composing music on a computer a more enjoyable, inspirational, and rewarding experience.

We are dedicated to bring you the best quality products we can build and we take our time creating and testing all of them. We treat each project as a completely new sonic adventure where we also learn and grow as we explore. We use the products we build, so they have to be great.

We have tried to anticipate every possible need from a customer support perspective and hope that you find the site easy to use. We have taken advantage of AJAX, CSS3, and HTML5 and we're proud of our work and stand by it so if you do find bugs, please report them. Thanks!

We are a small group of guys who are driven by passion not the bottom line. We have full-time jobs in addition to our pursuits here which affords us the luxury to collaborate and create our products without worrying so much about pricing or scheduling in our product pipeline.